The 16th Annual Report for the 1910-11 season was described as “the most disappointing one which had yet been submitted”. Only two clubs affiliated and once again no competitions were arranged by the Association. The funds of the Association had also dwindled to the stage where there was now a debit balance.

A number of Sydney teams visited Maitland during the season. At the start a match was arranged against a strong Sydney University team which had been Metropolitan premiers. Sydney University 172 defeated HRDCA 124. The local Association was represented in this match by R Lindsay, R Oram, R Moore, H Reynolds, H Johnston, F L Row, F Freeman, W Bernard, E Watson, E Bowden and D L B Glasheen.

At New Year another match was played between a Waverley, Paddington and Redfern team and a Hunter District side that included players from Singleton and the Upper Hunter. Two Sydney teams also came to Maitland at Easter and played Association teams.

Three Association players – H Reynolds, H Johnston and R McLean – were selected in the Combined Country team to play against Metropolitan at Easter. The Metropolitan team included Arthur Mailey (the great Australian slow bowler of future years) who took 4-30 in the match. H Reynolds, R Lindsay and R McLean played for a Northern District 15 in Newcastle against the touring South African team that included the googly bowlers Reg Schwarz and Aubrey Faulkner. H Johnston was named as “16th man” for the match . The HRDCA was upset that they did not have a say in the selection of the Northern District team – a complaint that was to be voiced frequently in subsequent seasons.