Despite this false start the idea of having a local Association did not perish. The idea was revived in 1894 and this time the Association formed was to be much more successful than its predecessor.

During the off-season in 1894 a number of preliminary meetings were held. A draft set of rules and a constitution for the proposed Association were drawn up and circularised to clubs and clubs were invited to send representatives to a meeting to be held at Kerrigan’s Centennial Hotel on September 10 1894.

This was the first General Meeting of the Hunter River District Cricket Association. The foundation executive office-bearers elected at the meeting were Percy M Waddy (President), John Kerrigan (Secretary) and Bill Lindsay (Treasurer). In earlier Mercury reports Percy Waddy had been described as “that sterling cricketer” and as “one of the most enthusiastic cricketers of the land”.

The rest of the Association’s committee was determined on the basis of the membership of each affiliated club. Each club with a membership of less than 20 was entitled to have one delegate and one VicePresident on the committee, while each club with a membership of more than 20 was entitled to have two delegates and one Vice-President on the committee.