/\ t the start of the 1941-42 season it was becoming
rtincreasingly difficult for the Association to
continue with its competitions. Further enlistments,
military duties, the increasing demands of war-time
industry and petrol rationing were having a serious
effect on clubs.
After a doubtful start, a competition eventually did

get under way with 6 teams in A grade and 7 in C
grade. As only two entries – East Maitland and
Thornton – were received for B grade, no competition
was conducted in that grade. Instead these two teams
were included in C grade and were given a handicap –
Thornton was to concede its opponents 20 runs per
innings and East Maitland 15 runs.
However, following the Japanese attack on Pearl
Harbour on December 7 1941, which brought the war
and the threat of invasion much closer to Australia, it
was decided to abandon the Association’s competitions
at the Christmas break.